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Riview PUBG Udate Version 0.8.0

At the September 12-09-2018 PUBG Mobile update the game and data, enough large for me, size the update, because you know in my country internet access still limited, just rely data simcard not wifi, so I'm thinking for cost of the most, ahaaaa, I'm thinking the friends, yeah friend.

Why ?, because I asking my friend are you play the PUBG Mobile Game ?

Yeah I'm playing... And what ?

I say again : can I request your data obb and application game PUBG mobile ?

He, answered me, Yes of course

So, I'm moving what I need end taraaaaaa...
Enjoy it.

Ok, first what I feel after paying a feew minutes, I meand a few hours :)
Overall same whit old version, but there are some interesting ones
  1. Sunhok Maps
  2. New Weapons
  3. New Display Icon
  4. And don't forget Apple

See below the screenshot

New Display Icon

PUBG sunhok maps
Sunhok Maps
PUBG Mobile
Sunhok Place

I feel when play at the sunhok maps first easy shortly after....... then difficult because many people prone position, while lots of tall grass, and then I feel like....dug dag dig dug... Haha, my heart so very tense, this is the best ever game online others like Mobile Legend and etc.
Oh yeah this place my favourite positions prone in the grass. Use this for survival and then hold enemy approach you, kill him.

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