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How To Payout AdSense Every Months

Hi, everyone I'm Yogi from Indonesian, and I have this blog, now I want sharing how can Payout AdSense, my blog is 4 years old.
Then new accepted google adsene 2016, so I hard work writing after accepted because want many traffic to my blog.

I cannot English language, so firts many post article use my language, but.... But in my country ads CPC it's value is small, and then I'm searching on google, get the information, for fast Payouts try use English language.

I'm new trying writing articles use English Language, If I was asked whether I was Payout, of cours, but not every month.

Google AdSense

If you searching how to Payout every month same for me, I searching how to faster Payout AdSense, and I just want share how to increase blog visitors, first you must have many visitor to blog.

I have >1000 visitor/day but that problem not my visitors, my problem is CPC AdSense. I'm sure you have the Language, so you just make the unique article and.... Bang.......

You can Payouts AdSense every month after increase your visitors.

Continue, then patien, and strategic build niche of topics for post your article. Don't quite just because Payout, what you write maybe not Payout in Adsene but if it is useful for many people it is more important.

You can have support from anywhere, not just AdSense like Cyanogenmod OS. Mod OS free for everyone and then Cyanogenmod OS in XDA have supported from company.

Happy Blogging

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