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Gameshark Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley

Gameshark HOLV PPSSPP complete.
Money, auto feeder, 1st hold tools, 1st hold item, and much more...

I say gameshark because I have a experience from harvest moon version PlayStation 1.

What I mean gameshark is CWCHEAT for PPSSPP the Harvest Moon Hero Of Leaf Valley, so enjoy it. But I reminder to all, the risk use CWCHEAT, what's that ?

#there are bugs
  1. Slot item or tools can't change
  2. Black area 
  3. Borred
But, you can use trick for the solution that problem.

Here we go ....


How to use ?
First, Enable Option Cheat from PPSSPP
click setting system scroll Enable Cheat.

Second, open the game and when game opened than intro close the game

Third, Move file from directory folder download to folder PSP=>Cheats (paste file here)

Fourth, open the game and when intro, click back button and then select the cheat option, select what's you need. Enjoy it...

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