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How Approved Google Adsense Use Blogspot

Now I will try something a different, I will use english language to create article, and  if my english not good, sorry with that, I still learning.

how get approved google AdSense

To the point "how to get approved google adsense use blogspot domain, not TLD (Top Level Domain)." ?
• First make sure your blog is completely built and it should not be on construction.
• Second to get that, make sure your content (article) not copy paste, if you have article copy paste, percentage : not more than 30%
• Third, check google webmaster quality guidelines, for fix quality article you have ex (image, video, etc.)
• Fourth, check Privacy And TOS google AdSense, and do not out of the rule
• Fifth, make article Unique (unique I guess : article to many people searching) on search engine, not you share in media social like Facebook, and others, so thinking what a many people search, and you make that.
• For second review google AdSense, you not must created many article per day, just two or one but viewed by traffic at search engine, my experience. value 11 view and up you will get approved.
• Many blog or web say for approved google AdSense we must use template default, And I not use it, but I approved, so use template you want but remember, google hate difficult navigation, so use template and page easy access for your traffic

Ok, just that I can share, if you disapproved again trying don't give up, and my quote "use blog not search money but search money for blog" this quote for support and give you inspiration for not give up.

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